Pho Win Taung Caves

This complex contains 947 small and large richly decorated caves. It is carved into a sandstone outcrop and contains numerous carved Buddha statues and very old mural paintings including of the Jataka stories. The statues and paintings have been dated to between the 14th and 18th centuries.

Lots of monkeys here and some people sell bananas to feed the monkeys.

947 Caves Po Win Taung

Along the Chindwin River flows through Burma’s remote interior. 2 day river tour will expose caves with painted murals, hidden pagodas and many other delightful statues.

(Time going to take - 2 days 1 night by flight and lots of walking)

In the viscinity is the AVa region in Inwa where there was the old Ava Bon Zan Monastery on your return to Mandalay.