Bodhi Tataung

One of the most amazing places you can see. Around this place see some of the most amazing attractions all in one region.
This place is near Mandalay from where you can drive. Each place you see will pleasantly surprise you and without a doubt one of the most pretty of siteseeeing places in Myanmar.

1) While going towards th large statue of the standing Buddha, you will pass by a grove with hundreds of buddha statues. Beautifully placed and each statue had a tree planted along. An absolute delight.
2) Then you see the 3rd tallest standing statue in the world. The Bodhi Tataung statue with 31 floors all differently designed with Buddha Sttues and paintings. Travel by elevator to the 11th floor and then walk down in amazement on the aesthetic beauty of each floor. In front of the standing buddha statue is the reclining Buddha and close by is beng built the sitting Buddha. On return you will see another lying buddha where the Buddha was lying on the back. A very rare buddha with the head covered by a structure.

Bodhi Tataung Pagoda

31 stores high is the standing Buddha image. The recling and sitting Buddha images also are in the same perimeter. Absolutely majestic. The precinct of Maha Bodhi-ta-htaung monastic complex is 250 acres wide, with hills, valleys and plains covered with natural and planted trees and bushes.

Thanboddhay Pagoda

What happens when you enter a place with over half a million Buddha statues. One of the prettiest sites to see. Each small white spec you see is a Buddha statue on the walls. It cant be described in words.